Eben was founded on the premise of empowering you. In an era where information about virtually anything is available at the tip of your finger, it is important to separate facts from fiction and truly amazing products from average and poor quality ones. We set out to research and develop products that would truly address the needs of men and women with skin of color, whom represent a sizable proportion of the global population, but are mostly ignored or mis-targeted by beauty giants.

Our advanced formulas, crafted in the tropical paradise of Miami, Florida, masterfully blend Mother Nature’s most effective ingredients to provide exceptional results for your skin – your body’s largest organ. Our mission goes beyond just selling amazing products, we want to empower you to do what you love with the self-confidence that comes when feeling good in your skin. From the drops of essential oils in our solutions, to the finishes on our packaging, the utmost importance is placed on your sensory experience with our brand.

So we invite you to enjoy our line and more importantly, #RuleYourSkin.